The ACR® PHILLIPS® Cruciform Drive System's advanced design keeps the driver securely mated to the screw during fastener removal, eliminating recess damage and damage to surrounding areas. The results are securely removed screws every time with lower costs, more productive workers and fewer drill outs.

0 thru 6 (0 thru 1"
diameter fasteners)

The REAL Advantages of Choosing This Drive System

  • Proven cam-out fighting ability
  • Extend drive tool life
  • Reduce worker fatigue
  • Cut rework and scrap
  • Drive hard to reach screws
  • Off angle driving

Punches Available for the Following Screw Types

  • 100° Flush Head    
  • Pan Head, Single Radius
  • 100°  Oval Head
  • Flat Fillister Head
  • Trimmed Hexagon Head
  • Pan Head Double Radius
  • Washer Head Double Radius
  • Brazier Head