Introducing the MORTORQ® Spiral Drive System

For the Aerospace Industry

The revolutionary MORTORQ® drive system was developed and based on increasing demands for a significantly shallower recess that still exceeded the industry standards for torsional strength and serviceability.

The unique spiral design of the MORTORQ® screw recess distinguishes itself from all other automotive, commercial and industrial drive systems in the market today. The aesthetic lines of the patented recess will enhance the beauty and styling of any new product design.

The low profile head and high strength recess allows the flexibility to create lighter weight assemblies that can significantly reduce material costs.

The reduced head height can also eliminate clearance problems associated with the more compact designs required for today's automotive, commercial and industrial products.

Extremely High Torque Capability

MORTORQ®'s recess geometry provides full driver contact over the entire recess wing resulting in extreme high torquing capability without risk of damage to the screw head or surrounding areas.

The innovative fastener drive system design allows driver to recess mis-alignment and compensates for paint buildup and heavy coatings without the loss of full wing contact in both drive and removal directions.

Significant Savings in Material Costs

Because MORTORQ® screws have significantly less mass than their nearest competitor, material costs are reduced. Designers, who take advantage of this low profile head design , will significantly downsize mating components and improve packaging flexibility.

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