For every PHILLIPS® Recess Punch there is a comparable POZIDRIV® Recess Punch. To determine the appropriate punch number, please use the PHILLIPS® Recess Punch standards tables or the description section. When the number of the PHILLIPS® Recess Punch is located, add a "Z" after the "P" to call out the Punch for the POZIDRIV® Recess configuration.

For example: PHILLIPS® 3P20-23 POZIDRIV® 3PZ20-23 (pictured right)

POZIDRIV® Punches may be sold only to fastener producers that are licensed to make and sell POZIDRIV® Recess fasteners.

For more information regarding the licensees or information on obtaining a license please contact us.

Note: Both PHILLIPS® and POZIDRIV® are registered trademarks of the Phillips Screw Company.

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