The QUADREX® recess increases productivity by incorporating the superior torque transmission and stick fit of the Square Socket drive with the desirable field repair and retrofitting features of the PHILLIPS® drive.

QUADREX® Punch Numbers

Screw Size Flat Oval Pan Pan Plus Truss Truss Plus Fillister Rnd. Washer
4 QF-02 QO4-02 QP4-02 QPU4-02 QT4-01 QTU4-01 QFL4-02 QRW4-02
5 QF-11 QO5-13 QP5-12 QPU5-12 QT5-12 QTU5-12 QFL5-03 QRW5-13
6               QRW6-13
6 QF-12 QO6-14 QP6-13 QPU6-13 QT6-13 QTU6-13 QFL6-12 QRW6-14
6QX QF-21 QO6-23 QP6-24 QPU6-24 QT6-23 QTU6-23   QRW6-24
7 QF-13 QO7-25 QP7-14 QPU7-14 QT7-14 QTU7-14 QFL7-13 QRW7-25
7QX QF-22   QP7-24 QPU7-24 QT7-24 QTU7-24    
8 QF-23 QO8-26 QP8-24 QPU8-24 QT8-24 QTU8-24 QFL8-14 QRW8-24
8QX     QP8-26 QPU8-26 QT8-26 QTU8-26   QRW8-26
9 QF-24 QO9-26     QT9-25      
10 QF-26 QO10-27 QP10-26 QPU10-26 QT10-26 QTU10-26 QFL10-25 QRW10-27
12 QF-32 QO12-33 QP12-33 QPU12-33 QT12-33 QTU12-33 QFL12-32 QRW12-33
1/4 QF-34 QO1/4-34 QP1/4-34 QPU1/4-34 QT1/4-34 QTU1/4-34 QFL1/4-33 QRW1/4-34
5/16 QF-34 QO5/16-43 QP5/16-43 QPU5/16-43 QT5/16-43 QTU5/16-43 QFL5/16-34 QRW5/16-36
3/8 QF-42 QO3/8-44 QP3/8-44 QPU3/8-44 QT3/8-44 QTU3/8-44 QFL3/8-43  


  • *Use round washer head punches for round head screws.
  • QUADREX® is a registered trademark of Quadrex Consulting, Inc.
  • QUADREX® punches will only be sold to QUADREX® licensees.

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