Struck Slot / One-way Slot

Wrentham Tool offers many styles of punches used to produce slotted screws. Conventional punches (for saw slotted screws) as well as one-way punches are available in most head styles. For some specials, a two-piece punch (pin and holder) can be designed to produce the desired head shape. Send us a print of the special design you wish to make and we will review it and quote you accordingly.

Here are the most common hammers:

Struck Slot Hammers
Round Type, Pan Type, Truss Type, Binding Type

Metric Struck Slot Hammers
DIN 85, DIN 96, DIN 84 MOD

IFI Metric Struck Slot Hammers
DIN 7971, ASME B18.6.7M 1998 Pan(Machine)

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